The school is a place of support for families as they seek to bring up their children in a changing and challenging society. The school recognises the importance of this partnership between home and school and supports this belief with effective open communication. We desire ongoing consultation with parents.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any school-related concerns with staff, and to share and celebrate student success. Tarrington has an active Parents and Friends Association, the primary responsibility being to organise a variety of school community social events and fundraising activities for the betterment of the whole school.


At Tarrington Lutheran School, students, parents and teachers are involved in Digital Learning Portfolios (DLP) biannually where students lead and share their learning journey during a 3 way conference. In 2013, the DLP will take place on the 21st June and the 11th December.


The student, parents and teacher are involved in a 3 way conference where the student leads the presentation of their Digital Learning Portfolio.

Focus areas and Indicators

A clear purpose for the DLP is vital so that focus and meaning is established and consistent across the school. Successful implementation requires both students and teachers having input in establishing the purpose which also includes the focus areas and their indicators.

As a staff we felt it important and relevant to develop the DLP focus areas based on 4 themes that already exist at the school which are seen on the banners. The staff brainstormed the types of indicators which encompass each of the 4 focus areas. The students also did the same and so, by clicking on the link below, is what each of the focus areas look like. When students build their DLP, the focus areas and their indicators will assist them in identifying the content.

Click on the link below to access the focus areas and their indicators.

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