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Master Plan 2018 – 2022

A new Master Plan (2018 - 2022) is available for viewing on this website. Please go to the 'Buildings & Facilities' section in the 'About Us' menu on top of [...]

Master Plan

TARRINGTON LUTHERAN SCHOOL & ST. MICHAEL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH MASTER PLAN Tarrington Lutheran School in conjuction with St Michael's Lutheran Church, Tarrington, are currently devising a Master Plan (2018-2022) that will [...]

Official Opening of the Junior Learning Centre

All members of the community are warmly invited to the official opening of the Junior Learning Centre being held on Friday March 10th beginning at 2pm. The Hon. Dan Tehan [...]

Tennis/Netball Court

The school's netball/tennis court was in need of urgent attention. In 2009, a fibreglass system was applied to the court making it a much better and safer surface to play [...]

Solar System and Rainwater Tanks

Content to come

School Bus

Tarrington Lutheran School Bus Early in 2010, the school purchased a 63 seater bus (pictured) to accommodate the increased usage of the facility. This bus replaced the former, [...]

Multipurpose Building

Building Project 2013

With growth over the last few years, the school was successful in receiving a BGA grant (Block Grant Authority) through the Federal Government to build 2 more general learning areas [...]