Because we believe that the School is a place where each student is given the opportunity to develop to their true potential, in a safe and happy environment:

We are committed to providing excellence in education in a family atmosphere of Christian love and care.

This speaks of:

  • Building foundations to assist students develop within their potential, as individual, life long learners
  • Nurturing each precious child’s potential, within a safe and caring environment


We believe that the School is a place where each student is given the opportunity to develop to their true potential, in a safe and happy environment. We therefore promote:

  • Excellence in education
  • Preparing the next generation
  • Teaching the Christian faith
  • Working with families
  • Being accessible to the diversity that is Australia
  • Operating from a coherent world view that is based upon belief in God.

(Lifelong Qualities document, 2003)


The School, being in accordance with Lutheran Education Australia, believe that:

  1. Each student is a unique creation of God and a person loved by God All useful knowledge and learning is God’s gift to us for our wellbeing
  2. The Bible is the supreme authority for everything we do and teach
  3. The Holy Spirit works through the teaching of God’s word in our schools to lead students to know and trust in God as Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier
  4. Service to others through actions & relationships is a response to and reflection of God’s love for each of us
  5. Because we live in grace, all we do is for God’s glory not ours.

Therefore the school sees everything we are and do in relation to God; and each member of our school community as someone in relation to God.
This understanding of the value of each person before God, motivates us to:

  • Develop the whole person
  • Strive for the best
  • Care for each person
  • Reflect the characteristics of God, especially patience, forgiveness, compassion, justice, service and love
  • Create learning contexts incorporating values that reflect God’s relationship with his world.

(Lifelong Qualities document, 2003)

As a school of Lutheran Education Australia, Tarrington Lutheran School aims to encourage and support students, informed and sustained by the Word of God, to develop their God-given talents so that they may shape and enrich their world.

(Lifelong Qualities document, 2003.)

The school motto encompasses the close knit community, the family spirit, the quality of ‘smallness,’ and the exemplary secular education based upon Christian principles, which is greatly valued within the school.

‘Learning and growing together’

The logo reminds us of our heritage and the faith ancestors of the area displayed in establishing the School. It helps us celebrate God’s constant, faithful blessing for more than 160 years; that the school is the oldest continuing Lutheran School in Australia and the second oldest school in Victoria (Scotch being the first).