Tarrington Lutheran School Bus

Early in 2010, the school purchased a 63 seater bus (pictured) to accommodate the increased usage of the facility.

This bus replaced the former, much smaller bus that was required to do 2 runs in the mornings to get all students to school.

The new bus is provided by Tarrington Lutheran School to transport children to school, local events and excursions, which benefit the whole school community.

When the bus is not required for this purpose it is available for use by members of the Tarrington, Warrayure and Tabor congregations to assist in transport for church or youth related activities.

Conditions for hire of the bus for other occasions have been set by the Tarrington Lutheran School Council – check the policy link provided below.

At present, the school bus does 1 run in the morning and afternoon, picking up and dropping off students in and around Hamilton and Tarrington.