Year 6’s venture to far west town of South Australia to experience Cultural Learning- April/May 2016

In term 2, eight year 6 students travelled to Ceduna spending time in a community vastly different to their own. It was also a great opportunity to spend time in another school where there is a high population of Aboriginal students.

In the past few years, the school has invested time and resources in Indigenous Studies, where students have had the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of Aboriginal people and their culture which is in line with the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Taking students to a place like Ceduna where there is a very high population of Aboriginal people as well as a Lutheran School, was certainly in the early planning process and part of the program.

The participants took 2 days to travel the 1,300km to get to the far west coastal town of Ceduna in South Australia, taking an overnight stop at Vineyard Lutheran School in Clare which was about the mid-way point.

The students attended Crossways Lutheran School in Ceduna for a week where they joined the Year 5/6 class for lessons and activities, including an excursion which took them further west. They attended the school each day up until and including lunch, and then explored some of the significant attractions in and around Ceduna in the afternoons.

Mr Peters said the trip was a success in that the Tarrington students had opportunities to get to know the students at Crossways, even to the point that there is now ongoing communication taking place between some of the students.

“If we want our children to appreciate other cultures, then I strongly and firmly believe they need to spend time with others. This is the most effective way to learn about someone else, to be given the opportunity and the time to listen, talk, play, work and learn with others. Our students made positive connections with the Aboriginal people in Ceduna, particularly the children at Crossways, and that is certainly a good start towards tolerance and acceptance of one another.”